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Child Abduction

California Civil Code section 49 prevents the abduction of a child from a parent entitled to custody. One of the purposes of this statute is to address abduction of minor children by one parent from the other. If the parent moves, even out of state, and promptly files a petition for custody in court, that will not be considered an abduction. The statute generally applies in a situation where the child is removed from judicial control making it impossible for a California court to make a custody order, but if a request for a custody order is imminent, then the statute does not apply. To invoke the statute, the abducting parent must deprive the other parent of the right to enjoy any privileges of parenthood by concealing the child.

The outcome would be different if a court had already established a custody order. If one parent moves with the minor child and frustrates visitation with the other parent, then the court may view this as a violation of its order. The moving parent can be found in contempt of court for violating a custody order.

California Civil Code Section 49 states, “The rights of personal relations forbid the abduction or enticement of a child from a parent, or from a guardian entitled to its custody.”

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