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Family Law Issues in California

Automatic Restraining Orders

When a petition for a divorce is served in California, temporary restraining orders (often referred to as ATROs) are in effect automatically. The automatic restraining orders prevent either party from destroying property, borrowing against an asset, gifting an asset, or changing any property owned by either party. The rules are designed to preserve the property of the parties until the property is divided by a court order. See more ATROs

Why Hire a Divorce Attorney in Orange County?

Many people believe that an attorney in a divorce is irrelevant. For many people, the cost of hiring an attorney is too high. They may believe that an attorney's goal is to muddle the water to increase fees. Some feel like attorneys as a whole are untrustworthy. Others believe that it is easy to learn about the legal process on their own. To see more reasons to hire a divorce law lawyer . . . .

In a Divorce, Who Gets the Wedding Ring?

A question often asked during a divorce is, "What happens to the wedding ring?" A ring is usually the most common gift given before a marriage; however, spouses give gifts to each other for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. In California, the family law code decides what happens in a divorce to the gifts the spouses gave to each other during the marriage. By analyzing the California Family Code, the court determines which spouse gets the gift--the one who gave it, the one who received it, or both. For more information go to gifts given during marriage . . . .

Ten Reasons to Settle a Divorce in California

1. Monetary Expense: Inexpensive litigation does not exist. Every stage of the proceeding is costly. In addition to attorney's fees, there are expert fees, filing fees, service fees, discovery fees, and reporter's fees. Hearings can last several hours or even days. The time to wait for the judge to hear the case can take hours. It is common for the parties to wait for their turn just to have a continuance of the hearing. For more reasons to settle a divorce to to Ten Reasons to Settle a Divorce

Documents Filed in Court Can be Reviewed by the Public

Many people do not realize that most documents submitted to a judge can be accessed by the community. In addition, the proceedings themselves can be viewed by the public. The rational for open access is that it fosters integrity in the judicial system. It would be more difficult for a judge to rule in a discriminatory fashion if the public has access to the facts, the testimony, and the proceedings of every case. For more information go to public access to Orange County divorce actions . . . .

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